Code of Conduct

While conducting its business Gintreda is committed to:

- Follow the law and the regulations in our business activities.
- Conduct business and take decisions within clear ethical framework, always respecting human rights.
- Create & maintain healthy and safe working environment, operate safe systems and methods and ensure the publics’ and our safety.
- Be sensitive to the community and contribute positively wherever we operate.
- Gintreda Limited employees understand and follow the company’s core principles & values.
- We respect, support, encourage and assist our colleagues.
- We show integrity and self respect in all our activities. Self profit is not pursued.
- We work hard, utilising all necessary skills with high levels of professionalism.
- We are proud of our work and our company.
- We protect our company and its good name. We show respect, civility, consideration to the public.
- We and the company remain approachable. We inform the company of any occurrences that do not abide the principles of our business conduct.
- We are motivated in our efforts to contribute to Gintreda and support our clients.
- Our company support our efforts and shares with us the fruits of success.
- We do not speak to the media and we do not represent the company further than our duty and instructions. All information on Gintreda business, finances, affairs, processes, procedures, activities and transactions is confidential and should not be disclosed a third party. We take care when discussing such matters in public places.
- We avoid conflicts of interest. We inform the company about situations that create such conflicts. We do not accept bribes or disproportionate gifts if they create a conflict of interest. The company must be informed in all instances and might instruct the return of the gift.
- We make sure that our out of work activities are appropriate, do not create danger for the company and its reputation.
- The company will follow the law as to all information personal or other that it handles.

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