Privately Owned Property

Gintreda Limited is applying its experience of working in tenanted properties, taking care of the residents and their property to refurbish, upgrade and alter privately owned properties as well.

The thousands of properties we have refurbished have created a workforce that is experienced and willing. Our team’s target is to deliver the specified product within the agreed time limits with as little disturbances as possible to our client’s, whether it be a privately owned property or a decent homes project.

To achieve this we have tried to put together professionals that can assist on all the stages of your property development. From the architectural design to the completion of the project, we hope to assist you in all aspects of the works if it is required. The services we can provide are the following:

  1. Architectural drawings and planning permission.
  2. Building works. (Demolition, Plastering, Carpentry & Bespoke Joinery, Tiling, Flooring, Decorating.)
  3. Electrical installations.
  4. Plumbing installations.
  5. All Roofing works.

This means we can carry out a full refurbishment to your home, or partial works like roof conversions, extensions, conservatories, kitchen or bathroom refit, rewiring or heating system upgrade.

Using specialised software we can design your project so that you can see it on screen helping you take the correct decisions. We can provide a detailed and precise estimate for your works and will stick to it as long as the specifications that you desire, or require, do not change during the course of the contract. We will try to protect you from surprises, so that you can calculate your budget.

Even smaller jobs like fitting a door or a window can be made easier for the residents if they are programmed properly and followed through with care and attention to detail.

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