Social Responsibility

Our policy of long term relationship with our workforce has allowed us to instil ways of performing their duties while showing respect for our clients. Decent conduct, respect for the individual and their beliefs, are as important to Gintreda as the practical side of building.
The members of Gintreda are chosen not only for their skills but for the characteristics that will allow them to absorb the pressure and frustration that are created by refurbishment works. The company’s care, attention and guidelines allow our people to perform undisrupted.
We want quality relationships with our workforce, our clients and our suppliers and the only way to achieve them is through civil conduct in our working environment. Strong bonds within our teams are built and nurtured in and out of work. Planned corporate activities allow our people to communicate and create links that are vital in our daily duties.
As a company our priority is to fulfill our responsibilities to customers, suppliers, employees and the community.  Our policy is to conduct our business with professionalism, delivering a quality product to our clientele, while functioning within an ethical framework. To achieve this; continuous improvement in all expressions of the way in which we operate, is a target to Gintreda. 
We combine modern methods and old fashioned principles allowing us to maintain our perspective of the way we operate.

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